The following form is for you to give us every detail you want on your site. That way the process is as simple as possible. All you have to do after this... Is review and approve your website design!

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The navigation of your site is usually located on the top or left side of your site. You have the choice to decide which 5 pages will be used for the navigation. Please note that it is standard practice to have your first navigation button to be home.

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Home Page elements are quick "snip its" of products, services, or some features that your company would like to showcase on the homepage. Please try to keep these elements under 100 words or less.

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This is the most important part of your site... The content/copy. Please fill out the following areas appropriately. The page number will coincide with your navigation titles. There is no limit to how much copy you would like to enter. Please be as detailed as possible.

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We will need your company logo so we can place it on the site. You can also supply any product, or service images. Please make sure you do not grab any images from Google images or other websites. If the photos are not physically yours you cannot use them. This is in direct violation of copyright laws.



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