Successful Direct Mail Marketing with Custom Postcards

When you want to promote your business successfully, add direct mail to your other marketing efforts. Direct mail postcards give you a high quality print piece that puts your messaging and promotion directly in the hands of your target audience. Unlike traditional mailers, your customers don’t necessarily have to open an envelope or brochure. With standard postcards the information is right there at hand. Whether they hang it, or set it aside, it’s bound to catch their attention over and over.



What We Offer

Postcards come in all shapes and sizes. To effectively get your message across we’ll work closely with you to review your ideas against postage types, regulations, mailing options and recommended lay outs. If you need to fit more information than a standard postcard can hold, we offer a variety of other designs as well for your next campaign.

Don’t think that poster design is limited to the type of consumer-based fan posters you see in major retail stores. Poster design takes a variety of forms that your business can use for marketing including:

  • 5×7 postcards

  • Deluxe postcards and “Sumo size”

  • Folded cards

  • Tri-fold card designs

  • Panoramic folds

  • Square cards

  • Rack cards

  • Card inserts

There’s a fine line between brochure and flyer materials and postcards.

Whatever your needs, we can take an approach that accurately delivers your message with the right print material.

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