May 2015

42 Things You Should Know About Your Customers

May 18th, 2015|

Let’s take a break from marketing for a second….

You can do a lot to push your business with sales and marketing, but what really helps your business succeed is not local marketing, SEO, paid search, or even your powerful copywriting.  It’s certainly not your awesome sales guy.
It’s the relationship you create and maintain with your customers.
It doesn’t matter what kind of customer you have (from patients to contributors of non-profits) each of us has less-than-ideal characteristics that come to […]

Mistakes that Kill Traffic on Your Landing Pages

May 4th, 2015|

Having a site in the top of the search results, or getting loads of targeted traffic through paid ads is great… but what happens if that traffic falls off your website as soon as it gets there?  Your landing page is a lead capture or conversion page where its sole existence is to act as a marketing tool that prompts a specific action or result.

If you don’t set the landing page up correctly you cripple yourself with one of […]