February 2015

Stay Encrypted – Why an SSL Certificate is Critical to Your Online Business’ Success

February 17th, 2015|

Most business owners interested in getting SSL certificates are typically doing so as part of an ecommerce setup on their website.  If you work with a payment gateway then encrypting data via SSL is a must.

To understand why an SSL certificate is beneficial you really need to understand the basics of it all.  Have you noticed that some sites display a tiny lock at the top of the browser bar – such as when you’re on Facebook?  With sites […]

Is your Website Secure with Shared Hosting?

February 3rd, 2015|

A business owner has a lot of hats and an unlimited number of issues to manage.  Among them, having a website hacked is somewhere at the very bottom of the list of worries.

It’s no surprise that the typical business owner doesn’t learn a site has been hacked until notified by a customer – sometimes hours or days after it occurs.  When it does happen, they are often frantic and have no process in place to easily restore the damage.
It’s […]