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While social media might be the hottest way for businesses to market online, it’s not as easy as it looks on the surface. Engaging your customers through sites like Facebook , Twitter and Google+ is widely different from chatting it up with friends and family. Social media marketing is about more than just posting and trying to entertain your followers.

Anyone can make a page on a social site for social media marketing, but it takes a dynamic strategy catered to your business in order to benefit from that social presence. Unfortunately, many business owners run into some common road blocks when they’re trying to devise a social media marketing strategy.


  • Not enough time to post

  • Don’t know what to say?

  • No social guidelines in place for employees

  • Not familiar with the technology

  • No adequate research on a target audience

  • No established goals

  • Unsure how to prioritize goals

  • Sharing content that is overly promotional

All of those problems and worries can be set aside when you work with Warner Digital Media. It doesn’t matter where your customers are, we can help you come up with the ideal strategy for social media marketing to throw a never-ending digital party that fills your business with the right kinds of customers. The ones who won’t trash your lawn or throw-up in your garden. Unless that’s your target audience. We won’t judge.

Targeted, Custom Social Media Marketing For Your Business

With our services, you can finally engage your customers and give something back. Our social media management services include:

  • Social account creation

  • Engaging users

  • Designing custom landing pages

  • Setting up contests & polls

  • Building targeted followers

  • Sharing informative, relevant content

  • Daily monitoring and replies

  • Monthly reporting on activity

  • Editorial calendars for scheduled content

  • Custom profile graphics

  • Social account optimization

Discover How We Can Help You Leverage Social Media for Success!


Give through Social Media & You’re Guaranteed a Return

Social media marketing can be time consuming when done right. If your resources are tapped, we can help you engage your audience and run that digital cocktail party while you focus on the core of your business. We put on the work gloves while you reap the benefits.

As your customers and prospects interact with your brand in social media, their followers will witness that engagement and investigate on their own. Each follower or fan becomes an ambassador of your brand through simple engagement.
When you speak to consumers and customers or clients through social media, it makes them feel like they have an in with your business. That they can open up about anything. If they know you’re listening, they’re more likely to produce returning revenue and referrals because they feel heard, respected and appreciated.
If your reach is limited to print ads and other one-way advertising, and you never engage customers outside of your business or store front, then you have extremely limited engagement. Social media lets you reach out and personally interact with your customers. That personal engagement builds trust that cannot be bought. Your customers ultimately feel like they know -you-. They also see that you’re more than just a brand, and recognize that there are people behind your logo. This level of engagement can give even the largest companies a “mom and pop” feel.
By listening to your customers and prospects across various social media platforms you can determine their primary pain points, frustrations, wants, needs, concerns, etc. With this information you can shape your social media marketing to help them bring an end to pain, frustration, worry, etc.

We don’t just talk for you, we listen for you as well. With Warner Digital Media, we have our ears to the ground to improve the customer experience while discovering the best ways you can reach out to your target audience.

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