October 2013

Business Blogging Tips – How to Make Your Blog More Personal

October 4th, 2013|

When it comes down to doing business with customers, there’s really no replacement for in-person interaction.  That’s now how we do business now though.  We talk to customers around the world through digital channels without ever hearing their voice or seeing their voice.

Still, having that personal connection is one of the key things that can drive conversions in business and create long-time customers.

You have to reach for that personal touch through all of your marketing, especially your blog.  So […]

Pour Awesome Sauce on Your Email Marketing To Drive Sales and Conversions

October 1st, 2013|

Every time you email a cold contact list, pretend a kitten dies.

That might be a bit extreme but email marketing is a serious business.  If you’ve ever hesitated before sending an email out to a group of contacts – wondering how it would be received – then there’s a good chance you could have done something a lot better.

And I’m not talking about typos, glaring mistakes and orange boxes.

Before you send your next message on its merry way, here […]