When it comes down to doing business with customers, there’s really no replacement for in-person interaction.  That’s now how we do business now though.  We talk to customers around the world through digital channels without ever hearing their voice or seeing their voice.

Still, having that personal connection is one of the key things that can drive conversions in business and create long-time customers.

You have to reach for that personal touch through all of your marketing, especially your blog.  So how do you make your customers feel like you’re talking directly to them one on one?

Keep it Personal

The most obvious answer is to write in the first person as if you’re having a conversation with your audience.  Businesses commonly get trapped in “we” language – it’s natural.  I’ve already used it in this post.  I’m not really sure why I and other people do this.  Perhaps it’s to deflect attention from ourselves or to give the impression that I am larger than I actually am.

“I” adds a level of intimacy to your blogs – embrace it.

Give your Blog Soul

Content marketing doesn’t have to be dry, technical content spun out to the web in hopes of creating conversions.  It should be seen as a major point of engagement.  If you are writing that way, then you’re turning off your readers.

Writing in any form, especially to connect with a reader, requires the use and leverage of emotion.  You have to make the reader feel something.  Emotion is how you give your blog soul.

Use Stories in your Business Blogging

This goes along with giving your content a little soul.  People love a story.  When you tie personal experiences, stories, case studies and real world results in with emotion then you get your audience hook, line and sinker.

Why do you think reality TV is so popular?  It feels “real”.  There’s emotion, there’s personal stories, and people find some part of relatable.

Add Humor

One of my favorite ways to pass time in a doctor’s office is to grab a copy of Reader’s Digest (they’re everywhere…) and flip to the humor segments.  Laughter is the Best Medicine, Humor in the Workplace, etc.  Humor helps pass the time and it feels good to laugh a little on the inside.

Use humor in your business blogging to create a more personal, memorable experience.  Don’t afraid to tickle their funny bone.

Remember – tickle.  Don’t hit it with a solid object by overdoing it.

Show your Face on your Business Blog

Sure, the content is about your company or organization.  Your reader gets that.  They’ll get you more and appreciate what you share if you have a bi-line with a photo of yourself or those who contribute.  While it’s not always appropriate for every organization it is a great way to stir more personal engagement.

Embrace your Voice

Nothing kills readership faster than canned, cold corporate speak.  Avoid the corporate jargon and tech speak – talk to your audience like people you have a regular conversation with.  To make your blog more personal, either develop a consistent conversational tone for your blog to give your brand an identity, or self-brand on your blog and use your own conversational voice.

Imagine if a soccer coach did nothing for youth players but stand on the sideline dictating technique.  How well would those young players connect with the sport compared to a youth soccer coach who took the time to work individually with them on a more personal level using his own voice and character – not a playbook?

Make your Readers Famous

Business blogs are a serious point for personal engagement.  You can have conversations with your customers in your blog comments where you can make them feel individually important.  Beyond that take their input, questions, and comments then spin it into more content with references pointing back to them.  If they have a site or a blog, then link to it.  Put the spotlight on your audience once in a while for a real personal touch.  Show them that it’s not just about you.