It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner or work for a huge corporation, there is a good chance that you will be working on the road at some point. Just because you have to travel doesn’t mean that your content marketing schedule should suffer. Apps make everything in life simple. Seriously, there is an app for anything you could want, and that includes on-the-go search engine optimization and content writing tools. So, pull out your tablet or your smartphone and search these names.


You may already use HootSuite, so you’ll need the app. If you haven’t used HootSuite yet, you should. It is a great tool for people who use social media in addition to their website and blogs. HootSuite will link all your social media profiles together in one place and allows you to post things on your very own schedule. It’s essential for any content marketing strategy that involves social media.


So, you just launched a new video campaign, but you need to jet out of town on a business conference for a week. It’s killing you to know how your website ranking is doing after this awesome video. Don’t worry, SERPS allows you to check your blog and website ranking right from your iPad. It’s a fairly limited app, but it serves that one purpose really well. It will help you breathe easy on the plane, or maybe give you a reason to order one of those fancy drinks to celebrate.

So, you’re traveling to meet a client a few states away and bam! Inspiration for a keyword to use for your site leaps into your head. SECockpit is an android app that will serve all your keyword research needs. It’s a fantastic app for little bursts of genius that you’re prone to, or to show to a client who is looking at you funny as you explain keywords. Just turn your tablet around and show them this app and they will think you’re amazing.

Dragon Dictation

Getting stuck in traffic sucks, doesn’t it? The radio isn’t playing anything good and your mp3 player is dead. The next best thing is to just talk to yourself.

Or is it? Dragon Dictation will dictate an article directly to your iPad. Spend a little time at home, about 20 minutes to calibrate. It will ask you to read through a paragraph to adjust to your voice, but after that, you’re good to go. So, make use of that traffic jam and write your next article or blog post.

Other apps you’ll certainly want are ones for Google Analytics and WordPress of course. You can take your SEO and content writing anywhere with these apps, so whatever pops up in your life your business will continue to grind on without interruption.